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Vacuum Pump UP28 + Controller

UP28 High quality vacuum pump from Hella with control unit to deliver vacuum to the car brake booster.

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To support the car brake booster we have vacuum pumps from two German manufacturers in the program, for which we have developed an electronic control module. They are temperature tested, EMC compliant and have the appropriate certificates, as well as a CE-marking.
The control module is being supplied with a ready made connector to plug into the pump. An alarm contact allows you to
to turn on a warning light. This controller works - unlike mechanical pressure switches - even under different pressure conditions during mountain rides,
very reliable and error-free.

  • Booster volume: 3.2 L
  • Voltage: 13.5 V
  • Temperature: RT

UP28UP30 UP32UP5x 
Nominal voltage13.5 V14 V13 V13 V
Average current consumption
between thresholds
< 10 A< 15 A< 18 A< 15 A
Lifttime data600 h1200 h1200 h1500 h
Maximum vacuum level (below ambient pressure level)86%
(≥ 88% typical)           
(≥ 88% typical)                   
(≥ 88% typical)              
≥ 90%                         
50% from ambient pressure≤ 5.5 s≤ 3.5 s≤ 3.1 s≤ 3.0 s
70% from ambient pressure≤ 11 s≤ 7 s≤ 6.2 s≤ 5.5 s
Booster Size3,2 l4 l5 l5 l
Acoustics< 70 db (A)   < 77 db (A)    < 78 db (A)< 73 db (A)

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