LiFePO4 Pack 13.3V/600Ah/8kWh

Inertia Crash Switch


Inertia switch complete with plug socket (i.e. connector set). In the event of an impact from any direction, the current to the electric fuel pump or battery pack is instantly cut off.

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This 360° FCS Resetable Crash Sensor Switch directly shuts down the fuel pump or main contactor/relay upon vehicle impact, reducing the risk of fire and electrical shock in post-crash situations. These devices are a low cost solution to vehicle safety requirements and approved for vehicle installation by major automotive manufacturers worldwide.

It can be reset simply by pressing the button.

As well as reducing the risk of fire, it can be used to initiate hazard warning lights automatically & central locking release in the event of a crash.

It`s sealed & protected from dust ingress & connected by means of a 3 way amp connector which is included.

  • Unique magnet restrained mass inertia mechanism
  • Rated at 10 Amps electrical load (1x NC & 1x NO contact)
  • Supplied with mating connector with contacts (i.e. connector set)
  • Manually resetable
  • Operate >11g. Not operate <6g (@60ms duration)
  • Complies to new car racing regulations
  • Stops fuel pump or electrical system operation
  • Secondary circuit provides additional function

• Reduces the risk of fire following a crash
• Responsive to 360° impact
• Ability to trigger GPS distress signal
• Capable of carrying fuel-pump load
• Sensory feedback
• Customized for various installation

Device triggers due to an omnidirectional peak acceleration of ≤8g for a half sine test pulse of ≥50 ms length and ≤13g for a half sine test pulse of ≥20 ms length.

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