GBS-LFP20Ah / 20Ah
BMS elithion, Lithiumate Pro Master

BMS elithion, Lithiumate HD Master

BMS HD master in a potted case

Ideally matched to work in high power Li-Ion battery packs

  • Up to 255 cells in series (~840 V), no limit to cells in parallel, isolated
  • No limit to cells in parallel, up to 600 A (higher currents available)
  • Includes contactor/rela drivers, a cooling fan interface and an interlock input.


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  • Automotive: EV, HEV, PHEV
  • "Mules" and proof-of-concept products
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Marine
  • Aviation: EV
  • V2G and V2H
  • Distributed energy
  • Peak shaving
  • Power back-up: UPS


This standard Li-Ion BMS controller performs these functions:

  • Manages the cells in the battery pack
  • Measures the battery pack current
  • Reports the status of the battery pack
  • Requests charging and discharging limits
  • Drives contactors and handles precharge
  • Controls cooling

Distributed: electronic assemblies are mounted on cells

  • Mechanically matched with cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cells
  • Minimal wiring (no "spaghetti"); individual cell voltage and temperature
  • Controller communicates with Cell Boards on cells, and with external system

Ideally matched to Li-Ion cells

  • Lithium-ion Polymer(LiPo)
  • Standard lithium-cobalt-oxide (LiCoO2)
  • Lithium-Manganese-Nickel-Cobalt (LiMnNiCo)
  • Nano-phosphate / lithium-iron-phosphate / lithium-ferro-phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Lithium-manganese-oxide (LiMnO2)
  • Not compatible with lithium-titanate cells (Altair Nano)
  • Not compatible with lithium-sulfur cells (SIon Power)

Ideally matched to plug-in vehicles

  • Compatible with most chargers, motor drivers
  • CAN bus, ignition line input, 12V power

Performs monitoring, evaluation, communication, balancing and protection

  • Monitors the voltage and temperature of each set of parallel cells, and the pack current
  • Evaluates SOC (State Of Charge), DOD (Depth Of Discharge), and SOH (State Of Health)
  • Calculates the pack's internal resistance
  • Determines appropriate CCL (Charge Current Limit) and DCL (Discharge Current Limit)
  • Detects any abnormal conditions and sets a fault accordingly
  • Communicates through a serial port and through a CAN bus, reporting above data
  • Balances the charge through dissipation of excessive energy in most charged cells
  • Protects against over and under-voltage, over and under-temperature, over-current
  • Optional HV Front End tests for loss of isolation and end of precharge current (using a precharge resistor, not supplied)

Lithiumate Specifications

General specifications of the professional distributed Li-Ion Elithion BMS


These are simplified specifications that may apply to a typical system.
Actual specifications depend on which components are used in a system.

Supply voltage12Vdc nom
12 V supply current150mAdc nom
Control inputs' voltage0 to 12Vdc nom
Digital outputs' sink current1.5Adc cont max
5 (HD: short circuit protected)Adc peak max
Digital outputs' voltagePro: 18 V
HD: self protected)
Vdc max
Analog outputs' voltage0 to 5Vdc
Communication linksPro: CAN & RS232
HD: CAN (isolated) & USB (isolated)
RS232 / USB rateRev < 2.00: 19200
Rev > 2.00: 57600
CAN rate125, 250, 500 or 1000kHz
Reading rate0.1 to 1.5readings / s
Number of cells monitoredPro: 2 to 256
HD: 2 to 200
Operating temperature-40 to +85°C
VolumeMaster, Pro: 80
Master, HD: 35
Cell board: pouch: 0.1
Sensed battery currentPro: +/- 600
HD: +/-900

Cell boards

Electrical specifications

VrangeCell voltage sensing range-2.09-4.54V
VaccurCell voltage sensing accuracyWithin Vrange-±10±15mV
TaccurTemperature sensing accuracyAt cell board--+/-4°C
IsplyCell load currentStand-by--2.0µA
1-reading / sec
VISOLIsolation voltageEnd cell boards
Between battery & low voltage

Example of an Elithion BMS kit:

201PO0001MDCell board, pouch, midbank, finished
31PO0001NDCell board, pouch, negative, finished
31PO0001PDCell board, pouch, positive, finished
12CN0000EFLithiumate Pro BMS master
16DS0000EASOC display, configurable, enclosed
1EAC0232RUComputing device, RS232 to USB adapter - FTDI chip
8EKP6402USPCB Connectors, 2 x C-Grid SL - Female housing
59EKP6403SGPCB Connectors, C-Grid SL socket - 22-24 AWG crimp gold
2EKP6404USPCB Connectors, 4 x C-Grid SL - Female housing
5EKP6405USPCB Connectors, 5 x C-Grid SL - Female housing
20EKP9405STPCB Connectors, Mini Fit JR socket - 18-24 AWG crimp, CU, tin plate
1EKP9416USPCB Connectors, 16 x Mini Fit JR - Cable mount housing
15EWC2404CFCable, 4 x 24 AWG - Shielded
Prices are exwrks USA, excl. shipping & excl. import duties.


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