PCM for 4 LiFePO4 cells in series, 60A
Solar String Inverter SMA 1300W

Solar lamp

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● E27, 100-240VAC input voltage with synchronous charging.
● Automatically switches over to battery power when there is no electricity from the grid (emergency light function).
● The bulb lits up by screwing it into the lamp holder with hook. You can also take it down and use it as a portable lamp.
● Contains SMD2835 LED chip, super bright, soft light beam, no glare.
● Built-in 3.7V/2600mAh rechargeable Lithium battery which lasts for about 6 hours.
● Equipped with a USB Micro DC inlet for lamp charging.
● Charging with 6V 1.8W Polycrystalline silicon solar panel.
● USB interface, 5V, 0.5A output, you can connect it to a cellphone for charging.

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