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Solar String Inverter SMA 1300W

SMA-SB 1300TL-10

Solar String Inverter SMA 1300W
Manufacturer : SMA
Typ : SB 1300TL-10 VAR-4105

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Manufacturer : SMA
Typ : SB 1300TL-10 VAR-4105


AC Nominal Power : 1300 W
Max. DC Input Voltage : 600 V
Max. DC Input Current : 12 A
Height : 339 mm
Width : 440 mm
Depth : 214 mm
Weight : 22 kg
Recommended PV Power : 1300 W
Grid Ties : 1-Phase


Modelnom. power ACphasesInputIPEfficiencyyearsweight
SB 1300TL-101,41125-4806596516
SB 1600TL-101,61155-4806596516
SB 2000HF-3021175-56065/5496,3517
SB 2500HF-302,51175-56065/5496,3517
SB 3000HF-3031210-56065/5496,3517
SB 3000TL-213,21175-500/40065/5497526
SB 3000TLST-213,21213-50065/5497523
SB 3600TL-213,61175-500/4006597526
SB 3800-113,821200-4006594,4538
SB 4000TL-214,21175-500/40065/5497526
SB 5000TL-214,61175-500/40065/5497526
SMC 9000TL-1091330-5006597,6535
SMC 10000TLRP-10101330-5006597,7535
STP 5000TL-2053245-8006598537
STP 6000TL-2063295-8006598537
STP 7000TL-2073290-8006598537
STP 8000TL-2083330-8006598537
STP 9000TL-2093370-8006598537
STP 10000TL-10103380-8006598,1559
STP 12000TL-10123380-8006598,1559
STP 15000TL-10153380-80065/5498,2565
STP 15000TLEE-1015,263580-80065/5498,5545
STP 17000TL-10173400-8006598,2565
STP 20000TLEE-1020,453580-80065/5498,5545

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