Solar String Inverter SMA 1300W
LiFePO4 Pack 13.3V/35Ah/465Wh

Solar Micro Inverter 260

Is directly connected to a PV Panel and converts DC into AC. When shade issues occur, this solution will give you a more efficient solar system compared to a system with a string inverter.

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Solar Micro Inverter 260

Micro inverter with reactive & real power control capability.


  • Reactive power control capability. Dynamic power factor regulation.
  • Power factor options:
    - Unity (1),
    - Fixed down to 0.8, capacitive/inductive,
    - Dynamic according to power or grid voltage.
  • Very low power needed to start the inverter (< 2W).
  • Foil capacitors are used, allowing very long lifetime (25 years) and high MTBF values (up to 600 years MTBF).
  • Electronics is designed with automotive standard components, ensuring easy implementation of automated production with automotive quality and traceability.
  • Compact waterproof design.
  • Internet access to panel data through the communication gateway (WiFi, Ethernet gateway with embedded web server). The desired real power and power factor can also be set through the communication gateway allowing dynamic control of micro grid performances and adaptation to every grid quality.
  • Extremely precise MPPT algorithm.
  • Very low panel's DC ripple current (50mA).
  • High efficiency.
  • Integrated IPS (Interface Protection System) /Anti-Islanding Protection.
  • Optional: parallel connection of two solar panels each with peak power up to 130W and max DC input voltage up to 55V (Double DC connector).
  • Suitable for 60 and 72 cell panels up to 310Wp.

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