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Expert Lite 5055010

The Expert Lite is our entry level battery monitor offered at a very competitive price.

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The Expert Lite is compatible with lead based and Lithium batteries (LiFePO4).

The Expert Lite battery monitor is a perfect fit for users that are only focused on accurate state of charge readout and easy setup. The Expert Lite battery monitor selectively displays battery voltage, charge- and discharge current, consumed Ah and the remaining battery capacity.

Using the internal alarm relay, it is possible to for example start a generator once the battery state of charge has reached a certain discharge level.

The Expert Lite is easy to install and user friendly in operation. The monitor comes standard with a high precision 500A (350A continuous) shunt and a very clear installation and operating instruction manual.

With the 1:10 passive voltage prescaler (as per attached circuit), you can extend the input voltage range of the e-xpert lite to enable implementation in 12Vdc up to 240Vdc battery systems (maximum input voltage is 350Vdc).

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