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IDES Hybrid Energy Storage 30kW with Lead Battery 8kWh

IDES Hybrid battery storage systems are used in conjunction with panels to harness the abundant power of the sun, reduce a reliance on fossil fuels & bridge blackouts from the grid. Homeowners, businesses & utilities use IDES to increase the partake of renewable energy & foster a clean energy ecosystem.

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With Lead Batteries

  • Become independent & self-sufficient
  • Helps to protect your electrical  installation from damages due to power failures
  • Max. output power 30kW
  • Lead Batteries capacity 8kWh
  • Input from Solar panels, Windmills, Generator, Fuel Cell, Hydro-Energy & Public Grid
  • Can be used as an UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), Power Back-up
  • Switches automatically between different power sources without any interruption
  • Uses stored energy first. Excessive energy can be fed back into the Grid
  • LCD Display shows all relevant information; input-&output power, battery capacity, voltages, charge current, load, solar power production, faults, etc....
  • Compliance with: VDE AR-N 4105, VDE 0100, VDE 126-1-1, VDE 0113, CE
  • Covers black-outs from the Grid
  • Protects your appliances from grid fluctuations
  • For all types of small to medium-sized  loads
  • With pure sine wave PWM- inverter
  • Suitable for off-grid applications
  • Built-in battery equalization/balancing to extend battery life span
  • Built-in MPPT Solar charge controller


(Pb=Lead, Li&LFP=Lithium)
Model No. 10kW-400V-8kWh-Pb20kW-400V-8kWh-Pb30kW-400V-8kWh-Pb10kW-400V-8kWh-Li20kW-400V-8kWh-Li30kW-400V-8kWh-Li
Product Warranty (Min) 10 Years10 Years
Storage System Category IntelligentIntelligent
Storage System Technology Lead Acid (AGM)LFP
Battery Datasheet
Electrical Data   
Cell Number 8 /Unit8 /Unit8 /Unit15 /Unit15 /Unit15 /Unit
Nominal Voltage 48 V48 V48 V48 V48 V48 V
Nominal Capacity 200Ah@1hr200Ah@1hr200Ah@1hr200Ah@1hr200Ah@1hr200Ah@1hr
Max. Discharge Current 50 A100 A150 A50 A100 A150 A
Max. Charge Current 100 A100 A100 A100 A100 A100 A
Design Life 25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years
Cycle Life 1000@80%DOD5000@80%DOD
Temperature Parameters   
Operating Temperature -5 ~ +35 ℃-5 ~ +35 ℃
General Data   
Dimension (L/W/H) 800x600x1800 mm800x600x1800 mm800x600x1800 mm800x600x1800 mm800x600x1800 mm800x600x1800 mm

General specifications:

Integration withSolar Panels, Wind turbine, Generator, Fuel cell, Public grid,
Hydro Energy, External batteries
Interfaces USB, ModBus, Wifi,  RS232,  SNMP
AC Voltage230VAC (1-phase), 400VAC (3-phase)
50Hz ± 1% input & output
(Input 400VAC is optional)
Output System1-phase or/ 3-phase
Inverter wave formpure sine
Inverter type PWM+FETs
Load typesCapacitive, resistive, inductive, non-linear
mixed load. All @ 100% load
Total Harmonic Distortion
< 3%
DC Voltage48VDC input
Protection againstOverload, short-circuit, Over Temperature
low battery voltage
low AC mains voltage
Useable capacity1 -90 kWh (upgradable in 9kWh steps), depending on your needs
Overload capacity Max. 150% overload <20 sec., cut off  @ >150% overload
Fault function Automatically switches to bypass (i.e. Grid-Power)
Low battery voltage1 sec. emergency alarm, then automatically switches to bypass
(i.e. Grid-Power) & auto start of battery charging
HMI Remote LCD Display for input-output voltage / load /
 temperature / battery voltage
Output Power4 - 90kW
Operating temperature 5 – 35°C
5 – 95°F
Depth of discharge0,8
Efficiency>92% (full load)
Power factor0.8
Dimensions (LxWxH)800 x 600 x 1800mm
 31.5"x 23.6"x 70.8"
Humidity 20-90% non-condensing
Noise ≤40dBA @ 1m distance
Total weight1323lbs /  600kg
Battery TechnologyMaintenance free lead acid battery
Autonomy timeup to 24hrs  @ 100% Load
Life cycle20 years (>5000 cycles with LiFePO4 batteries)
Guarantee10 years
InstallationWall or Floor mounted (i.e. depending on IDES Type)
ComplianceVDE AR-N 4105, VDE0100

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