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Our partner UFODRIVE is the leading self-service electric car rental company in Europe.
They deliver a premium rental experience using exclusively electric cars. Today, you can rent a Tesla Model 3, S, Jaguar I-Pace or a new Nissan Leaf. New electric car models are added to the fleet as soon as they are released: Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron and more coming in 2019.
Electric cars are not just a game changer for the environment. Driving electric is easy and amazing.

The 10 car rental painpoints that UFODRIVE solves

Frustrated with car rental? Us too!

  • Queue at a rental desk
  • Paperwork
  • Confusing insurance and waiver
    excess options
  • Disappointment on not getting the
    exact car you wanted
  • Key pickup
  • Long walk to find your car
  • Manual paper inspection
  • Fuel and refueling options
  • Rushing to make a flight on time
    giving back keys, papers...
  • Surprising extra costs


Book now at  and use our referral code " RETRANSPORT " to get a euro 30,- discount for the first rental!

The Basics

The amazing Tesla Model S 75D is one of the safest cars on the road. It offers the biggest range of all electric vehicles, making it the ideal choice for longer journeys. The Model S provides an incredible driving experience with supreme driver and passenger comfort. The car regularly receives systems updates from Tesla, so it always offers the best and latest features. All wheel drive and dual motor technology ensure effortlessly efficient journeys which are powered by simple and widespread free charging.
The TESLA Model S combines the pleasure of driving a sports car with the comfort of a long sedan.

  • 75kWh battery
  • 380km range
  • 0-100km/h in 4.2 sec
  • 225-250km/h top speed
  • All-wheel drive
  • 19'' wheels

Why you’ll be delighted to drive a Tesla Model S

Driving experience
The speed, acceleration, and sense of security you get while driving a Tesla Model S is something everyone should get to experience. Autopilot technology continues to evolve and is changing the way we interact with cars and other road users.

Comfort and space
The Model S enjoys massive interior and storage space due to the absence of a combustion engine and transmission. The 5 seats optimize this additional space to ensure you travel in luxurious comfort.

Driving is fun or at least not stressful. The 17” interactive touchscreen allows you easy access to everything you need. Navigation, climate control, music streaming are all a couple of taps away.

If you haven’t driven electric before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The car is quiet and the drive is extremely smooth. Charging is no longer an issue due to the extensive network of Tesla Superchargers. And if you’re doing a long journey, stops are easily planned using the on screen navigation.

And there’s no doubt that driving a Tesla is better for the environment. Try one today and see how it’s better for you too.

Tesla Model S


  • Driver display + 17 inch touchscreen interface
  • Navigation for route planning with all charging points integrated in your route
  • Music streaming via Spotify
  • Internet
  • Front + back trunk load space 850 Liters
  • 5 adults

Tesla Model S


Charging is straightforward and widely available thanks to the TESLA European Superchargers network and destination chargers. You simply need to 1- Plan your journey, 2- Refuel your car and 3- Enjoy your free time during the 25-40min charging time.


Your car’s navigation system will guide you in planning your route to ensure any charging stops are efficiently planned. It will also guide you to the nearest charging station in case of ad-hoc requirement.


Charging with UFODRIVE is free and you just to plug in the charging station cable to the car like on the picture.


You will be able to recharge to 80% capacity in between 25 and 40min. Time for enjoying a coffee!


  • Brussels Airport - Belgium
  • Brussels City - Belgium)
  • Cologne Bonn Airport - Germany
  • Hamburg Airport - Germany
  • Berlin - Germany (planned)
  • Frankfurt - Germany (planned)
  • Düsseldorf - Germany (planned)
  • Munich - Germany (planned)
  • The Hague City - Netherlands
  • Rotterdam - Netherlands
  • Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • Dublin City Center - Ireland
  • Luxembourg Airport - Luxembourg
  • London - UK (planned)
  • Paris - France (planned)
  • Nice - France (planned)
  • Copenhagen - Denmark (planned)
  • Vienna - Austria (planned)
  • Zürich - Switzerland (planned)
  • Geneva - Switzerland (planned)
  • Milan - Italy (planned)

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Book now at  and use our referral code " RETRANSPORT " to get a euro 30,- discount for the first rental!

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