Siemens 3-Phase Induction Motor 5135WS14

Squirrel Cage AC Induction Motor 45 kW Nominal, 63 kW Peak, 120Nm Nominal, 190Nm Peak.

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Drive motor (1PV5135-WS14)

Three-phase induction motor with liquid cooling

Electrical characteristics

Winding design: WS14
Electrical characteristics (S2-60 min):
Battery voltage: 215V-300V
P (S2-60 min) at 3500 rpm: 45kW, Pmax 63kW
M (S2-60 min) at 1000 rpm: >120Nm
Maximum torque at 1000 rpm: >190Nm
Time of endurance (S2): >3 min, >1,5 min
Maximum current, rms value: 280A
Maximum operating speed: 9700 rpm
Overspeed test speed: 12.125rpm
Temperature class: F

All specifications are based upon a coolant flow rate of 8 liter per minute and a
maximum motor inlet temperature of 55°C. For the guaranteed lifetime of 5000 hours the
maximum permissible winding temperature is 175°C.


Speed sensor:

type: Differential gear tooth
Pulses / revolution and track: 64
number of tracks: 2 (phase shifted 90° el.)
Nominal voltage: 4.5 V ... 20 V
Max. input current: 30 mA
Max. output current: 40 mA
Switching threshold: Ulow <0.6 V
The power supply of the sensor is not short-circuit-proof


Temperature sensor: KTY 84 – 130

Mechanical characteristics

Degree of protection (mounted): IP54
Weight (without cables): 91 kg
Rotor inertia: 0,068 kg m2



We also supply large Siemens Motors, such as 3-phase Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Induction Motors (e.g. 1LA44506AN90-Z with 510 kW Power, 993 rpm). Please send us your international RFQ and we'll send you a quote. 


For an overview download:

http://www.e-transportation.eu/AC Squirrel-Cage Motors Catalog.pdf (4.3Mb)

htp://www.e-transportation.eu/AC Squirrel-Cage Motors Dimensions.pdf (734Kb)




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