Lithium-Polymer Cell Controller

Lithium-Polymer Cell Charge -& Discharge Controller

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This single unit BMS device can be fitted directly to the terminals of all Lithium-Polymer cells (e.g. Kokam) up to 100AH. One controller is needed for each battery cell. Over-& Under Voltage levels are fixed at resp. 2,3V (under voltage level) & 4,28V (over voltage level). The controller consumes only 6 microAmps.


For use in conjunction with Lithium Polymer Batteries
Number of cells
Continuous current
max. 3.8A
Over Voltage level
Under Voltage level
Current consumption
Dimensions 14x11 mm
Weight 0.6g

Note: this unit has no balancing function,

for balancing units please refer to: http://www.e-transportation.eu/catalog/product.php?id_product=74



Principle of operation


Even a slight overcharge or deep discharge can lead to irreversible damage and in case of a significant overload, a dangerous situation can occur (i.e. fire hazard). For this kind of cells, preventive actions to protect against overcharging or deep discharge are necessary. This tiny controller protects a lithium battery during the charge -& discharge cycle.


Charge cycle:

It disconnects the battery cell from the charger if the cell voltage exceeds the critical level of 4.25V, thus preventing a dangerous overcharge situation. When the cell voltage falls below 4.05V, it will automatically switch back to connect to the charger.


Discharge cycle:

During discharge, the load gets disconnected, as soon as the cell voltage drops below 2.5V. As soon as it detects a charging current, the unit is set back again to normal operation.



 The maximum current is 3.8A, which is adequate for most applications. This little unit can be mounted directly to the cell and plays an active & smart role for cell protection. Idle power consumption is negligible; less than 6 µA.




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