Battery Charger for 10 Li-Polymer cells. Nominal Charge Voltage 37V @ 2A.

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Lithium Ion Polymer battery technology is based on material characteristics of lithium - the lightest metal with the highest electrochemical potential of any solid material. Currently, there are two different types of lithium ion rechargeable batteries. The first type, lithium ion batteries (LIB) use liquid electrolytes with aluminum cans and have been available from the early 1990's. The second type, lithium ion polymer batteries (LIPB) use polymer electrolyte and are recently applying commercial market. The lithium ion polymer batteries can be packaged in flexible material and designed to prevent explosion with high internal pressure.
The LIPB and LIB have similar energy densities that are higher than any other commercially available rechargeable batteries. Both offer working voltage in the range of 3.0~4.2V compared to 1.2V~1.5V for lead Acid, Ni/Cd, and Ni/MH rechargeable batteries.

Charge & discharge characteristics of Lithium rechargeable battery related with charger.
Lithium rechargeable battery use different charging profile compared to other rechargeable batteries. We use typical charging profile starting from constant current charge and converting into constant voltage charge at 4.2V for these batteries. Since we do not want to lead side reaction which reduces battery life and sometimes makes hazardous explosion, we have to control battery voltage not to get over 4.2V/cell during the charge. Most of the chargers have not provided suitable constant current or constant voltage profiles, since they mainly designed for other battery systems. They do not support and necessary to use accurate voltage under controlled condition even though this is the most important factor for lithium battery charging. Normally, they use a current charge without limitation or voltage charge while the voltage level maintained unstable. All of the factors may cause serious problems, if these chargers were to be used to charge lithium rechargeable batteries. Kokam Li-Po chargers always provide accurate current and voltage condition with controlled status.




Battery Charger for 10 Li-Polymer cells. Nominal Charge Voltage 37V @ 2A





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