Anderson Connectors

Anderson SB50 Connector, 50A, Grey, 6mm2, AWG 10-12

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Anderson 50A


http://www.e-transportation.eu/SB50Gehause.pdf   (housing)

http://www.e-transportation.eu/KontaktSB50.pdf     (contacts)


Anderson Connectors, or Anderson Plugs as they're more commonly known, are designed for connecting large cables used in high current applications. Each plug is a mirror of the other and are easy to assemble, There is no Male & Female, as one simply connects into another of the same amperage. The plugs push together to form a very solid and reliable connection. They are commonly used for jump starting a car while on the grid or to charge a battery pack from a charger. The plugs have mounting holes, so one of the plugs can be permanently fitted. 50A, 120A, 175A and 350A sizes are available in black, orange, red, gray, blue, yellow and green colors. A gray handle is available for the larger 175A & 350A sizes.




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