Ansaldo Drive 15-30kW

Ansaldo Drive (AC Induction Motor + Controller/Inverter)

Power:  15 kW Nom.,   30 kW Max.

Torque: 50 Nm Nom., 100 Nm Max.

Liquid cooled

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Ansaldo drive trains manufacture motors suitable to power different type of vehicles: small city cars for private transport, small and medium vans for utilities and busses up to 18m for urban transport. 



Ansaldo Drive 15-30kW


General Characteristics

Nominal battery voltage [V] 140-300
Battery voltage range [V]  110-380 
Nominal power [kW]  15 
Peak power vs. battery voltage [kW] 20 / 30 
Operating temperature range [Degrees Celcius] - 20 ¸ + 65
Cooling system (flow rate) water + glycol (8 [l/min]) 
Total pressure drop (motor + inverter) [bar]  0.1 
Max. cooling temperature [°C]  60


Electric Motor Characteristics

Type   AC drive (squirrel cage induction)
Code  A1H 203C 12G 000
Nominal Power (continuous duty) [kW]  15 
Peak Power ( <=2 min.) [kW]  30
Max. operating Frequency [Hz]   305
Phase Number   3
Pole Number   4
Nominal Speed [rpm] 
Max. Operating Speed [rpm]  9000
Max. Speed [rpm]   10000
Rated Torque (0-2850 [rpm]) [Nm]   50
Max. Torque (0-2850 [rpm]) [Nm]   100
Insulation System   class H
Temperature rise   see IEC 349
Mounting arrangement   IM 3601 (1M B14)
Protection degree  IP56 
Bearings  Ball bearings 
Lubrication System  grease
Housing material Aluminium 
End cap material Aluminium 
Dimensions L*Diam. (ex. shaft extension) [mm]  320*240
Weight [Kg] 39 


Inverter Characteristics

Type  IGBT 
Code I1H 130HG000 
Max. DC current [Idc]  300
Max. AC current [Iac]  350
Modulation  PWM
Max. frequency [Hz]  320
Switching frequency [kHz]  4
Control  Microprocessor
Protection Degree  IP56
Housing material aluminium
Dimensions (L x l x h) [mm] 450 x 340 x 152
Weight [Kg] 14 
Cooling System  water + glycol


This Drive Line is being used in the Karabag Electric 500E (until 2011) and the Micro-Vett Electric Fiat 500.




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