Inertia / Crash Switch

Inertia / Crash sensor switch, for use in vehicles where either a normally closed, normally open or change over switch is required to be operated by acceleration stimuli, such as those typical of vehicle collision conditions.

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  • Suitable for mounting in the vehicle interior or certain under bonnet locations to a rigid body member. Electrical connection is by a sealed connector. 
  • Typical applications for the normally closed (N.C.) circuit would be in series with the electric power system or controlling relay (i.e. main contactor).
  • Typical applications for the normally open (N.O.) circuit would be to initialise the release of electric door locks, illumination of hazard warning lamps, dashboard warning indicator or trigger a distress/emergency radio signal.
  • Switches at gravitational forces between 6g-11g
  • Can be reset - after a collision - by pushing the ball into its seating
  • Connector kit is included
  • Color: depending on availability yellow/black or red/black


crash sensor, inertia switch




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