Self balancing (2-wheeled) Wheeler with two standard Lead-acid Batteries. 8 km range.

Made in Germany.

Optional: For extended range, we integrate Li-Polymer batteries. Tell us your preferred range.

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Everyone agrees; the internal combustion engine is coming to the end of its life cycle. However you don’t need to go to the expense of a Prius or Tesla to experience the future of transportation devices. If you would prefer something more personal (and don’t mind turning a few heads) why not build the astonishing ElektorWheelie? With two electric motors, two rechargeable batteries, two sensors and two microcontrollers, the Wheelie is ready to transport you in style to your destination. 



The W-lie comes fully built & tested.

It comprises two 500-Watt DC Drive motors, two 12V Lead-acid AGM batteries, two 16-inch ABS wheels, casing control lever and assembled & tested control board with sensor board fitted on top.



• Two high torque 500 W DC drive motors
• Two 12 VDC Lead-acid AGM batteries, Capacity: 9 Ah
• Battery Charger included. Refer to: http://www.e-transportation.eu/catalog/charger.pdf
• Two 16-inch wheels with pneumatic tyres

• Invensense IDG300 (or IDG500) gyroscope
• Analog Devices ADXL 320 accelerometer
• Allegro ACS 755-SCB 100 current sensor

• H-bridge PWM motor control up to 25 A

• ATmega16 (motor control)
• ATtiny25 (current monitoring)

• Automatic power off on dismount
• Fail-safe emergency cutout
• Battery charge status indicator
• Maximum speed approx.  18 km/h
• Range approximately 8 km with Lead-acid Batteries
• Weight approximately 35 kg´

• Legislation for Luxembourg:

Cyclomoteur: véhicule automoteur à deux ou trois roues – autres qu’un cycle électrique – qui, par construction, ne dépasse pas une vitesse de 45 km/h et qui est pourvu: – soit d’un moteur électrique, – soit d’un moteur à combustion interne d’une cylindrée ne dépassant pas 50 cm3. Selon qu’il a deux ou trois roues, le cyclomoteur est classé comme véhicule L1 ou L2.

Moped: motor vehicle with two or three wheels - different from an electrical bicycle - which, by construction, does not exceed a speed of 45 km/h, which is provided either by: - an electric motor - or an internal combustion engine with one cylinder which is not exceeding 50 cm3. As with two or three wheels, the moped is classified as a vehicle L1 or L2.


For extended range, we're able to put in Li-Polymer batteries. Tell us your preferred range!


For retail & test ride in Luxembourg, please refer to:  http://www.electroprior.lu




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