Twike Active

The TWIKE Active is a light-weight electric vehicle, which is also equipped with two sets of pedals that can be operated individually by the driver and the passenger.

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The futuristic joystick steering is easy and fun to use. The optional pedal drive adds to the fun and fitness of the passengers and saves even more energy. TWIKE owners don't pay or pay less road tax.


Max. speed 85 km/h
Motor power 3 kW continuous, 5 kW maximum
Acceleration 0-64 km/h 9 sec
Charging time full charge
part charge
1.5 - 3 hours on a normal 16 Amp plug
0.8 km per minute
Range per charge
per day
40-200 km (depending on battery and driving conditions)
more than 288 km (in 10 hours including re-charging)

Without batteries
Max. weight

170 kg
35- 100kg
450 kg
245 - 180 kg
Luggage space 250 litre (400 litre after removing the passenger seat)
Economy 20 km per kWh 
1 kWh usually costs between 20 and 22 Eurocents
Grey energy 8,400 kWh
Grey energy is the amount of energy used for building a vehicle. The grey energy for producing a normal car is about 42.000 kWh


When constructing the TWIKE space frame the swiss engineers found an ideal ratio between weight and stability, providing for maximum safety of passengers and pedestrians.
The frame structure is in the form of a safety cage. It is made from aluminium, so that during a crash the major part of the energy is absorbed by deformation.
Calculations done by the ETH Zürich prove the crash safety of this 30 kg construction.
Attached to the frame is the hood that tilts upwards to allow access to the interior. The front part of the hood is covered with safety glass, the rear with a detachable PVC or fabric cover.

The space frame is covered by Luran® S, a thermoplastic resin made by BASF. This material is easy to recycle and even after 20 years it can be moulded into a new body. The covering provides the TWIKE and its passengers with weather protection and being made from Luran® S it doesn't corrode.
The traditional TWIKE colour is white: the colour of the Luran itself. Of course it can be painted in any desired colour, but that makes recycling more complicated.

The TWIKE can be equipped with either two 336V NiCd battery modules or with up to five 353V Lithium Ion Magnanese (LION) modules. This enables you to choose the best battery combination to suit your personal needs. The battery is equipped with micro-processors that control its state at all times and which communicate with the TWIKE's main computer over an RS485 serial interface. To ensure a long life the management system monitors temperature, voltages, and current. It also keeps track of the amount of energy stored in the cells. The charging and discharging history is stored in each module and can be read out by your TWIKE service partner.
Properly treated, the NiCd cells will last 1,500 charging cycles after which they need replacement. Of course we will send in the old cells for recycling. The Lion cells are good for about 1500 full cycles but can do over 3000 part cycles!

The electric system of the TWIKE is managed by a Wood's E-TRAC converter situated behind the driver's seat. It is specially adapted for the TWIKE and contains an EPROM with the software for driving, charging, and controlling the batteries. Future software upgrades can easily be done by swapping out this EPROM. You can access many parameters of the program via the display panel and customise the TWIKE's performance to your personal taste and needs. The display also keeps you informed about the state of the battery modules, the actual range, speed, current, and other important parameters.
While the drive system of the TWIKE is powered by the full 336V of the battery, a powerful DC/DC converter provides the TWIKE with 12V to energise lights, wiper, horn, radio, etc.




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