Portable Energy Storage 13V/200Ah, Inverter, Solar-& Mains charger

2.6 kWh Battery Pack with 4x200Ah LiFePO4 cells, Solar-& Mains Charger, 12VDC -> 230VAC Inverter, incl. cell controllers & balancers, fully built & tested.


Especially for Camping cars, Professional Photographers, Craftsmen, Cameramen, Police & Fire dept.


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This "Master" mobile energy storage system / Solar Generator is especially being used by Campers, Photographers, Craftsmen & Workers, Fire brigades and Police on a location where there is no mains power or generator. The capacity of this Master can be increased to 300Ah and/or by putting one or more Slaves in parallel.


Customisation in capacity, voltage and type of connectors is possible.


Click to download the Flyer: http://www.e-transportation.eu/Solar/LES200Ah220817.pdf


This energy storage sytems contains outoff:

  • Master box
  • LiFePO4 Cells
  • PCM
  • Converts 12VDC to 230VAC, connect all your 230VAC equipment or appliances
  • Solar Controller/Charger
  • 230VAC Mains Charger



Master box

Consists outof 1 suit case:

  • Dimensions: 66cm X 49cm x 33.5cm (L x H x W)
  • Rollable like a trolley
  • with 3 carry handles and plenty of space, the 6800 is ideal for the backwoods or the open seas, keeping your equipment safe and dry
  • case shell made of polypropylene (PP)
  • automatic air pressure compensation valve
  • strong, dust-& waterproof (IP67 certified)
  • temperature resistant from -30° up to +80° C
  • removable lid


Total Battery Capacity: 2600Wh

Capacity can be increased by expanding this "Master" from 200Ah to 300Ah and/or by putting several "Slaves" in parallel with interconnection cable(s) (Optional)

Total number of Cells: 4 (in 4S1P configuration)

Nominal Voltage: 13.2VDC 

Load connectors: 1x Anderson 50A, 1x Neutrik 20A, USB 5V/3A, Car Socket Connector 12V/20A

Can be charged by mains (public grid), solar charger, car alternator or fuel generator.

Equipped with 2 Solar Connectors

Total weight: approx. 50kg

Batterie Monitor included for reading V/A/SOC, logs, etc......

PCM: Protection Circuit Module containing Cell Controllers / Voltage Clampers for Over charge & Over discharge protection & Cell balancers.





Front side of box.



Rear side of box.




Nominal Voltage: 3.3V per cell

Max. Voltage: 3.65V per cell

Cutt off Voltage: 2.5V

Self discharge rate: <=0,5% per month

Cell weight: 6.5kg

Cell dimensions: 290x66x238mm

Capacity: 200Ah

Maximum Current discharge: <=3CA (600A) Constant

Maximum Current discharge: <=10CA (2000A) Impuls

Maximum Current charge: <=1CA (200A)

Standard Charge/Discharge: 0.3CA

Life cycle: 2000 charging/discharging cycles @80% DOD

Type of cells: Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Operating temperature: -25 to + 75 Degrees Celcius (during both Charge & Discharge)


LiFePO4 cell modules




Built-in PCM (Protection Circuit Module)


Built-in Inverter


  • Pure Sine
  • 2000W Nominal
  • 4000W Peak




12VDC to 230VAC Inverter


Built-in Solar Controller


solar controller






Built-in Charger

Input: 180-264VAC, EU plug

Charging Voltage Output: 14.7VDC

Charging Current 20A standard

Dimensions: 200*100*68mm

Enclosure: silver aluminium

Ventilation: fans

Cutt off charge: 5% of CC

Reverse polarity protection: relay

Indicators: (1) Battery full, (2) Charging

Charger for LiFePO4 Batery Pack


Werden Sie autark mit diesem mobilen Energiespeicher! Auf dem Campingplatz oder für unterwegs.





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