Portable Energy Storage 13V/100Ah, Inverter, Solar-& Mains charger

1.3 kWh Battery Pack with 4x100Ah LiFePO4 cells, Solar-& Mains Charger, 12VDC -> 230VAC Inverter, incl. cell controllers & balancers, fully built & tested.


Especially for Camping cars, Professional Photographers, Craftsmen, Cameramen, Police & Fire dept.


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This "Master" mobile energy storage system / Solar Generator is especially being used by Campers, Photographers, Craftsmen & Workers, Fire brigades and Police, on a location where there is no mains power or generator. The capacity of this Master can be increased by putting one or more Slaves in parallel.


Customisation in capacity, voltage and type of connectors is possible.


Click to download the Flyer: http://www.e-transportation.eu/Solar/LES100AhRevb.pdf


This energy storage sytems contains outoff:

  • Master box
  • LiFePO4 Cells
  • PCM
  • Converts 12VDC to 230VAC, connect all your 230VAC equipment or appliances
  • Solar Controller/Charger
  • 230VAC Mains Charger



Master box

Consists outof 1 suitcase:

  • Dimensions: 49cm X 36cm x 31cm (L x H x W)
  • with 2 carry handles and plenty of space, the box is ideal for the backwoods or the open seas, keeping your equipment safe and dry
  • case shell made of polypropylene (PP)
  • automatic air pressure compensation valve
  • strong, dust-& waterproof (IP67 certified)
  • temperature resistant from -30° up to +80° C
  • removable lid


Total Battery Capacity: 1300Wh

Capacity can be increased by putting several "Slaves" in parallel with interconnection cable(s) (Optional)

Total number of Cells: 4 (in 4S1P configuration)

Nominal Voltage: 13.2VDC 

Load connectors: 1x Anderson 50A, 1x Neutrik 20A, USB 5V/2A, Car Socket Connector 12V/20A

Can be charged by mains (public grid), solar charger, car alternator or fuel generator.

Equipped with 2 Solar Connectors

Total weight: approx. 23kg

Batterie Monitor included for reading V/A/SOC, logs, etc......

PCM: Protection Circuit Module containing Cell Controllers / Voltage Clampers for Over charge & Over discharge protection & Cell balancers.




Front side of box.




Rear side of box.




Nominal Voltage: 3.3V per cell

Max. Voltage: 3.65V per cell

Cutt off Voltage: 2.5V

Self discharge rate: <=0,5% per month

Cell weight: 6.5kg

Cell dimensions: 126x65x242mm

Capacity: 100Ah

Maximum Current discharge: <=3CA (600A) Constant

Maximum Current discharge: <=10CA (2000A) Impuls

Maximum Current charge: <=1CA (200A)

Standard Charge/Discharge: 0.3CA

Life cycle: 2000 charging/discharging cycles @80% DOD

Type of cells: Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Operating temperature: -25 to + 75 Degrees Celcius (during both Charge & Discharge)


LiFePO4 cell modules




Built-in PCM (Protection Circuit Module)


Built-in Inverter


  • Pure Sine
  • 1200W Nominal
  • 2400W Peak





Built-in Solar Controller


solar controller






Built-in Charger

Input: 180-264VAC, EU plug

Charging Voltage Output: 14.7VDC

Charging Current 40A standard

Dimensions: 200*100*68mm

Enclosure: silver aluminium

Ventilation: fans

Cutt off charge: 5% of CC

Reverse polarity protection: relay

Indicators: (1) Battery full, (2) Charging

Charger for LiFePO4 Batery Pack


Werden Sie autark mit diesem mobilen Energiespeicher! Auf dem Campingplatz oder für unterwegs.





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