Brammo Empulse R,yellow,used,5200km

Dropping a gear and diving into another corner, I could be on any number of fast, fun naked bikes. The Brammo Empulse handles great, accelerates hard, has strong brakes, and there’s even a clutch and shift lever to manage.

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BRAMMO Empulse




Brammo General Information

• First electric production bike to achieve speeds  
of 100 mph
• First electric motorcycle with a six speed gear  
box and clutch
• First electric motorcycle to achieve 100 + mile  
distance on a single charge
• First Electric motorcycle with a liquid cooled motor
Performance Specifications

• Range: 56 – 121 miles range
• Top speed: 105+mph
• Top cruising speed: 80mph
• Acceleration: 0-60 less than 6.0 sec
Product Specification (summary)
• Battery capacity 9.3Kwh
• On board charger (3Kw), charge estimated just  
over 3.5 hours with Level II  (J1772) charging and  
about 8 hours with standard 110v charging.
• IET transmission (6 speed)
• High Power (45kW) Permanent Magnet Motor
• 2 passenger capable




BRAMMO Empulse

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