Battery Pack 84V/100Ah, Li-Polymer (customised)

8.4 kWh Battery Pack with 20 x 100Ah Kokam Li-Polymer cells (in 20S1P configuration) with BMS from Elithion, fully built & tested.


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Type: Kokam SLPB70460330

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V per cell

Cell weight: 2,32kg

Cell dimensions: 325 x 455 x 7,2mm (L x W x T)

Capacity: 100Ah


Charge conditions:

Continuous current: 100A

Max. Voltage: 4.2V per cell


Discharge conditions:

Continuous current: 100A

Peak current: 300A

Cut-off Voltage: 2,7V


Life cycle [@  80% DOD]  >800 Cycles

Type of cells: Lithium-Polymer pouch type

Operating temperature: -20 to + 60 Degrees Celcius




Consists outof 1 Aluminium box & lid

Total Capacity: 8.4kWh

Total number of Cells: 20 (in 20S1P configuration)

Nominal Voltage: 74Vdc

Max. Voltage (fully charged): 84Vdc

Total weight: about 62kg

Dimensions per box: 506mm x 635mm x 215mm (L x W x H)

Enclosure: Aluminium sheets 3mm thick, reinforced by 3mm thick L-Profiles. fully riveted, 4 strong handles (two on both sides)

BMS: fully configureable distributed BMS from Elithion; over charge & over discharge protection & cell balancing. CANBus & RS232 Communication, current transducer for current measurements, graphical user interface.

12W isolated DC-DC Converter to power BMS & Contacters

Contacters: 2xTyco Kilovac LEV200 + 2x standard

Fuse: 250AT (300AT optional)




  • 3x Blower fan, voltage 12Vdc, Power 1.1W/fan, fully controlled by BMS.




  • Battery Monitor (State of Charge, V, A, alarm function, shunt)
  • RS232 to USB adapter
  • Anderson style connectors (50A, 100A, 350A)
  • Additional CAN cable




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