SAE J1772 WallboxOK EV Portable Charger 32A

This portable charger for electric vehicles from WallboxOK is the perfect solution for travelling without worrying about finding a charging station, cause you can charge anywhere where there's a wall outlet plug. It allows you to select manually the intensity of charging from 6A up to 32A single phase.

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Leight weighted & compatible with multiples adapters. With plug Cetac from Mennekes, it's compatible with electric cars from Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Opel and Kia.

o Connector: MENNEKES

It allows selection of charging intensity; even if you turn off the charger, the chosen charge rate stays in the memory of the device. From this mode, you can choose the charge rate you prefer and it stays as a default setting (i.e. pre-defined) when you turn on/off the WallboxOK.

The portable charger for electric vehicles EV Portable SAE J1772 allows you to choose your own charge speed via the speed selector. Select the intensity yourself from 6A up to 32A. Control the charging speed and the consumption at any moment. There's no risk of overcharging!

The small size of this portable charging station allows you to travel to any place in the world without worrying about being out of energy. You can charge anywhere. It weights only 3.5kg, is very handy and easy to take with you. You just need a plug with corresponding adapter.

The EV Portable WallboxOK is compatible with multiples adapters such as,

 Cetac - Mennekes
 Schuko
 A variety of CEE Plugs

for charging your vehicle anywhere in the world!

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