Siemens Low Voltage 3-phase Exde IIC T4 Squirrel Cage Standard Cast-Fe Induction Motors

Siemens Low Voltage 3-phase Exde IIC T4 Squirrel Cage Standard Cast-Fe Induction Motors

An overview of Siemens Low Voltage 3-phase Exde IIC T4 Squirrel Cage Standard Cast-Fe Induction Motors.


Cast Iron


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Siemens Low Voltage 3-phase Exde IIC T4 Squirrel Cage Standard Cast-Fe Induction Motors.

Material  Poles    Type            Frame     kW

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 070-2CA.. 71M     0,37

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 073-2CA.. 71M     0,55

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 080-2CA.. 80M     0,75

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 083-2CA.. 80M     1,10

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 096-2CA.. 90L      1,50

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 097-2CA.. 90L      2,20

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 106-2CA.. 100L    3,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 113-2CA.. 112M    4,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 130-2CA.. 132S     5,50

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 131-2CA.. 132S     7,50

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 163-2CA.. 160M   11,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 164-2CA.. 160M   15,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 166-2CA.. 160L   18,50

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 183-2CA.. 180M   22,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 206-2CA.. 200L   30,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ6 207-2CA.. 200L   37,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ7 223-2CB.. 225M   45,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ7 253-2CB.. 250M   55,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ7 280-2CC.. 280S   75,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ7 283-2CC.. 280M   90,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ7 310-2CC.. 315S   110,00

Cast iron 2pole 1MJ7 313-2CC.. 315M   132,00


Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 073-4CB.. 71M     0,25

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 080-4CA.. 80M     0,37

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 083-4CA.. 80M     0,55

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 096-4CA.. 90L      0,75

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 097-4CA.. 90L      1,10

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 106-4CA.. 100L     1,50

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 113-4CA.. 112M     4,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 130-4CA.. 132S     5,50

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 133-4CA.. 132S     7,50

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 163-4CA.. 160M    11,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 166-4CA.. 160L    15,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 183-4CA.. 180M    18,50

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 186-4CA.. 180L     22,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ6 207-4CA.. 200L     30,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ7 220-4CA.. 225S     37,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ7 223-4CA.. 225M     45,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ7 253-4CA.. 250M     55,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ7 280-4CA.. 280S     75,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ7 283-4CA.. 280M     90,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ7 310-4CA.. 315S     110,00

Cast iron 4pole 1MJ7 313-4CA.. 315M     132,00


Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 073-6CA.. 71M     0,25

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 080-6CA.. 80M     0,37

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 083-6CA.. 80M     0,55

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 096-6CA.. 90L      0,75

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 097-6CA.. 90L      1,10

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 106-6CA.. 100L    1,50

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 113-6CA.. 112M    2,20

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 130-6CA.. 132S    3,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 133-6CA.. 132M    4,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 134-6CA.. 132M    5,50

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 163-6CA.. 160M    7,50

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 166-6CA.. 160L   11,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 186-6CA.. 180L   15,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 206-6CA.. 200L   18,50

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ6 207-6CA.. 200L   22,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ7 223-6CA.. 225M  30,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ7 253-6CA.. 250M   37,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ7 280-6CA.. 280S   45,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ7 283-6CA.. 280M   55,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ7 310-6CA.. 315S   75,00

Cast iron 6pole 1MJ7 313-6CA.. 315M   90,00

Cast iron 8pole 1MJ6 096-8CB.. 90L       0,37

Cast iron 8pole 1MJ6 097-8CB.. 90L       0,55

Cast iron 8pole 1MJ6 106-8CB.. 100L      0,75

Cast iron 8pole 1MJ6 107-8CB.. 100L     1,10

Low Voltage 3-phase TEFC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor


We also supply large Siemens Motors, such as 3-phase Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Induction Motors (e.g. 1LA44506AN90-Z with 510 kW Power, 993 rpm). Please send us your international RFQ and we'll send you a quote. 


For an overview download:

http://www.e-transportation.eu/AC Squirrel-Cage Motors Catalog.pdf (4.3Mb)

htp://www.e-transportation.eu/AC Squirrel-Cage Motors Dimensions.pdf (734Kb)




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