Hella Vacuum Pump + Control Box

Without under pressure, the brake booster (and therefore the brakes) won't work. This electric vacuum pump provides under pressure for the booster.

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This product is designed to create vacuum in the automotive brake booster of an electric vehicle.

The bare pump (from Hella) works in conjunction with a control box. This box has an underpressure sensor, a microcontroller and a relay. The bare pump has been used in VW cars and prooved its reliability during a substantial number of years.

It includes an electronic pressure sensor(i.e. having a relative pressure measuring sensor), which turns off the pump when the vacuum in the booster reaches its maximum value. It also includes a one-way valve to maintain the vacuum in the booster.


  • Weight 1kg
  • Max. vacuum level >=86% (below ambient pressure level)
  • Pressure build-up time @ 100hPa; pabs=500mbar in t<6sec., pabs=300mbar in t<12sec.




Hella Vacuum Pump





Hella Vacuum Pump Control Module

Hella Vacuum Pump



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