250W REAR Driving E-Bike set with motor,  26" 700c silver rim & spokes, controller, throttle, PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor) with 5 magnets and standard brake. Spokes & rim can be laced for an upcharge of only € 80,-.

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250W e-Bike Conversion Kit



Using the E-Bike Conversion Kit, you can easily convert your bicycle into an electric bicycle. The powerful 250W brushless rear motor and the latest sensorless technology takes you up to a top speed of 25 km/h.

The motor supports the driver when pedalling with the PAS (i.e. Pedal Assisted System). Of course it's possible to ride faster, but only when you are pedalling faster, because at the rated top speed, the motor softly cuts off.

The motor controller mounts very easily and stealth to the bike frame due to its integrated mounting rail and powers the motor with either 24V or 36V and a maximum current of 15A.

The PAS sensor detects any rotation of the crankarm and sends a signal to the controller and therefor motor to support the rider. With the LED- or LCD display you can turn on/off the whole system and you can choose from 3 different speed levels (low – medium – high). This way you can still use your electric bike as a regular bicycle. Just turn off the power on the display. Thanks to the internal freewheel of the motor you don’t have to pedal against any motor drag when you ride the bike without electric support.

Optional: Lithium-Polymer Battery

We recommend the Lithium-Polymer Battery as the best powerpack for the Conversion Kit. Lithium-Polymer batteries are available in 4 different types;

  • Saddle Tube Style
  • Rear Rack Style
  • Bottle Style
  • Frog Style

Lithium Polymer Battery for e-Bikes

The Standard Battery has 36V, but we supply 24V & 48V batteries as well. These compact size batteries are made from high quality cells, which deliver great performance at a very light weight.

The battery can easily be put into the battery mount. It can be taken out with a flick of a wrist. This way you can take the battery to your appartment for easy charging. Last, but not least, taking the battery with you is always the best anti-theft protection there is. The 10Ah battery is good for ranges of 40 up to 90 km.  


Optional: Motor laced into a rim

In case you don’t want to lace the motor into the rim yourself, you can order a complete handbuild wheel. The motor will be laced into a special E-Bike rim by a professional wheel builder for an upcharge of only 80,- €. You can choose your desired rim size (18", 20”, 22", 24”, 26" or 28”).


The E-Bike Conversion Kit REAR includes:

  • A standard 26" rim and spokes
  • Brushless 250W rear motor with planetary gearing (optionally laced into a rim)
  • Controller & control unit (24V/36V, 15A)
  • PAS (Pedal Assisted Sensor) with 5 magnets disc
  • Grip Throttle
  • 2 E-Brake handles
  • Installation manual

Optional: Lithium-Ion Battery with lock & keys & charger
Optional: LED or LCD Display


The installation is quite easy. The video shows you how to do it




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